Shiloh, is a hunting dog (beagle) who belongs to Judd Travers. Judd owns Shiloh, and the four dogs, and abuses them, by kicking them. In the book series Shiloh Lives On, by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, Shiloh is owned by Rex Favale.

Shiloh the beagle from the 1996 movie Shiloh. Other films included Shiloh Season, Saving Shiloh, and the book series Shiloh Lives On. In the new Shiloh trilogy, Shiloh Lives On, Eight-year-old Rexela(Rex) Favale adopts Shiloh and go on adventures together. She finds him stranded on the sidewalk on her way to karate class, asks her dad, Ben, to stop the car so she can take a closer look at Shiloh, the 12-year-old dogcatcher, Wound, takes him to the pound. etc. etc. etc. Then seven weeks later, Rex decides to return Shiloh to his rightful owner, Eleven-year-old Marty Preston. But Marty's 16-year-old son, Matthew, finds Shiloh instead and tells Rex she can keep him. Rex gives Shiloh a new black collar and the adventure begins. Hi-Yaaaa!


Shiloh has brown ears, with black eyes, and a brown and white tail. He has a black back also. He has the collar his owner Rex gave him that looks just like the one Marty gave him.shiloh is a amazing dog that loves marty but hates Judd Travers because he is a ugly rat like me grace


Marty Preston - Marty takes care of Shiloh a lot of times, and also he is responsible of it. He often gives Shiloh some food, and a place to hide, which is a pen. If Shiloh wants to follow Marty, he will whistle, and Shiloh will might come to him.

Judd Travers - Shiloh doesn't like Judd. Judd always abuses him, and one of his four other dogs.

Rexela(Rex) - Shiloh's owner from the 2019 book series Shiloh Lives On.


  • The hunting dog, Shiloh is on a TV commercial called, "Frontline Plus," when he attacks some of the ticks/bugs.
  • Frannie is performed as Shiloh.
  • Shiloh got injured by Mrs. Bakers's German Shepherd dog.
  • Judd rescues Shiloh in the water, in the movie, Saving Shiloh.
  • Shiloh's new owner, Rex, adopts Shiloh in the book series Shiloh Lives On.
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